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Happy Halloween!

So I shared here the beginning of my costume and last night, I finished it (about half and hour before my party)! Last time we left off, my costume was just a cardboard box sitting on our garage floor: (I … Continue reading

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Garage Shelves: Complete!!!

Back in August, I ripped out the shelving in our garage. I got a bit distracted by a pretty icky wall, but now that the wall is repaired, I’ve been back to working on garage shelves.  It took almost 2.5 … Continue reading

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On Burns and Battle Scars

So, about a week ago I burned my hand on the stove.  See, I don’t like using potholders so when I bake small batches of things like a roll or just a few fries, I throw them on a sheet … Continue reading

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Oh, So This is What Progress Looks Like!

I’m a procrastinator.  I can always come up with an excuse for not finishing the many projects I start.  Except that once I actually start working, I really enjoy it (well, projects involving wood or spray paint, projects that involve … Continue reading

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Band Saws and Cute Tools

***DISCLAIMER: All these pictures came from my phone, sorry for the poor quality*** Now that the garage wall is finished, I can go back to working on shelves for the garage.  I need to get them done so I can … Continue reading

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It Is Finished!

In a rare burst of productivity, I tackled tearing out and rebuilding the garage wall, and managed to (almost) finish it in one weekend!! If you remember from this post and this post, I uncovered some pretty disgusting damage in … Continue reading

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My Secret

I’ve got a confession to make:  car batteries scare me.  I have no qualms about ripping a hole in our garage to replace the rot/mouse holes or disassembling/reassembling our ceiling fan when I decided I didn’t like the color.  I’m … Continue reading

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