On Burns and Battle Scars

So, about a week ago I burned my hand on the stove.  See, I don’t like using potholders so when I bake small batches of things like a roll or just a few fries, I throw them on a sheet of aluminum foil so I can just reach in and pull it out- no potholder required!

…until I bumped my hand on the top of the stove.  It did the usual: blister up, peel, dry out and then it started to heal.  But then it got red and itchy, and this morning it turned into a raised welt that pulses red every time my heart beat.  It’s actually pretty cool!  It’s kinda hard to see, but here’s a quick video:

Can you see it?!  How cool is that?!

So I guess the moral of the story should be ‘always use potholders’.  Except that using tin foil means fewer dishes to wash (it’s a cookie sheet AND a plate!), and washing dishes is quite possibly my least favorite chore ever.

The good news is that I work in healthcare, so the many injuries I’ve acquired while working around the house don’t phase me in the slightest.   …actually, I’m rather intrigued by the way the body works, and how it heals when things go wrong.  And since I’m pretty accident prone, it’s rare for me to escape a project unscathed.  But sporting a few battle scars is what DIY is all about, right?  And I wear those scars proudly!

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