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To Watermark or Not to Watermark…

…it’s the question I asked myself when I started this blog many months ago and, despite reading opinions from both sides, never really got a good answer. Initially, I opted to watermark because one of my early posts was my … Continue reading

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Refinishing a Table, Part 2

Usually when I’m on call, I don’t get much work done because I don’t like starting something knowing that I could have to drop everything and head into work.  Which is why I shocked myself by actually being productive this … Continue reading

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Laundry Layout and Questionable Utility Placement…

The laundry hook-ups in our house are located in the basement, in the same room as the utilities.  When we first toured our house, I could have sworn there was a slightly recessed region in that room for the washer … Continue reading

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Make a Wish?

We saved the wishbone from the awesome grilled turkey we had for Thanksgiving and finally got around to breaking it.  Except that it didn’t break like most wishbones do. Can you see how it broke?  …well, shattered, really… So who … Continue reading

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Not gonna lie- I hate snow.  I mean, a white Christmas is nice and all, but as far as I’m concerned, it can snow Christmas Eve and melt again on the 26th.  Except that that would never happen here in … Continue reading

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Burning Down the House

Just kidding.  Kinda… I was taking a shower the other night when I noticed a weird smell (it wasn’t me!  honest!).  It was warm, sharp kind of smell- the kind that you get from hot wires/electrics.  I didn’t smell it … Continue reading

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Walkin’ on Broken Glass

Ok, not really, but I did break a bulb while trying to remove it from our bathroom fixture.  We’ve had a light burnt out in there for several months now, but the other 3 were still giving off enough light, … Continue reading

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