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Pipe Down!

Reason #783 why home improvement stores up here should be open 24-hours: That is the smelliest of all clogs living in our pipe.  When I took the sink out, I noticed the water coming from that trap smelt awful (I … Continue reading

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Everything, Kitchen Sink Included

This is our original kitchen sink: White, porcelain, impossible to keep clean, and totally not our style.  It’s constantly picking up abrasions from when we wash pots: It never stays clean: (it had been scrubbed out a few days before … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Light Fixture Anatomy

I just finished removing the dimmer switch from our living room (we never used it, plus that light’s on a lot and we’re on our second set of bulbs since moving in less than 2 years ago, and a light … Continue reading

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Shopping = Fun?!

You may have guessed it already, but I’m not your typically girly-girl.  I’m not a super-outgoing person and would much rather be swinging a hammer and working on projects than going out to the mall or dinner with a group … Continue reading

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Upper Bath: Complete!

Guys, I just showered upstairs for the first time in almost a month and a half, and let me tell you- it was amazing! Back when I started this bathroom project, I figured I could have the majority of it … Continue reading

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Our bathroom is so close to being done!!!  I ran into a bit of a snafu this morning (like 4am, morning) in that the mounting screws for our light were too long (and my Dremel was nowhere to be found) … Continue reading

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Well That Explains Why Our Fan Doesn’t Work!

So back when I started this bathroom project, I knew something had to be done with the fan.  I’ve kinda been putting it off because frankly, I didn’t really wanna climb up into the attic.  I hoped that by cleaning … Continue reading

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