Garage Shelves: Complete!!!

Back in August, I ripped out the shelving in our garage. I got a bit distracted by a pretty icky wall, but now that the wall is repaired, I’ve been back to working on garage shelves.  It took almost 2.5 months, but the garage shelves are finally done!!!

(yes, the lowest shelf slants almost 1/4″, and even though I measured it twice and my beams line up with the little marks I made, it’s still off…)

My favorite part of the shelving is that big open area that I left so the workbench can slide under it during the winter when both cars are in the garage, like this:

Unfortunately, there’s only about an inch of clearance around the bench, which means any top I put on the bench will either 1) have to be detachable so I can still store it during the winter, or 2) have very little overhang so it still fits under the shelf.  I thought about making the main shelf a bit wider, but I wanted to line the uprights up with the studs so I can secure the shelving to the wall and going out one more stud space just seemed to wide.

But the workbench top will have to wait because I’ve got other projects to work on, like my Halloween costume!!  Now that the shelves are done and the workbench is rolled out of the way, I have this nice patch of garage floor to work with:

One of my co-workers throws an awesome Halloween party; I went as Wonder Woman a few years back:

But I’m on call this year during the party so I need something I can wear into the hospital if I get called.  So provided I get this costume done in time, I’ll reveal it in a few days!  (I did this a few years ago too- started making my costume the week of the party (I made my entire Wonder Woman costume).  I really need to learn to stop procrastinating so much!)

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2 Responses to Garage Shelves: Complete!!!

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  2. ocolorado says:

    Great shelving idea and rolling table that rolls into it!

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