Dark Side of the… Porch…

Alright, so here’s the other side of that rotten wall I discovered last night:

And zooming out a bit, here’s a shot of our porch:

Some critter managed to burrow its way under the porch:

There’s another, slightly larger hole on the other side of the porch too.  We did throw some rat poison in the hole we uncovered in the garage last night and it seems to be untouched, but I also covered up that hole a few weeks back and there it is again…

While I’m sure some of the damage is probably due to moisture, it seems like the porch has decent flashing, though I’m not sure what’s actually hidden behind the siding.

Based on the coloring and extent of damage, this isn’t a new problem, just one that’s been conveniently covered up until now…  If the damage was on any other part of the house, I’d just remove the siding and reframe the rotted sections, but the part that we’re dealing with is hidden behind the porch, “below grade” if you will.  Maybe this picture will clear it up:

How do you go about fixing that properly!?

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5 Responses to Dark Side of the… Porch…

  1. Take a level and check the level of the slab (porch) if it is running towards the house this is a BIG problem. Second in the past snow could have been snowblown or shoveled against this wall. To fill the hole after resolving the issue of water use spray foam. This would be the best way to prevent critters from returning also, They like warm moist and dark locations such as under the porch. To remove the OSB from the exterior side this is a much much larger project. The siding will have to be removed, and take off then replace the board with new OSB, wrap with typar, and finish by residing exterior of house. Also if the slope of the slab is wrong I have a few ideas that will work.
    P.S. Its Brian not Mary lol hope this helps if you do decide to do this project by yourselves and would like some help just let Mary aka(my mom) know I am more then willing to come help for a day or two.

  2. Oh P.S. Spiders must be gone for me to help I HATE those creepy little things haha

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