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Upper Bath Update: Halfway There!

So our upper bath is *thisclose* to being usable!  I mean, there’s still that minor fact that the fan still doesn’t work, but it looks usable, and really, that’s half the battle! The wall with the towels on it is … Continue reading

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Purple Room, Purple Room…

(sung to the tune of Purple Rain) So the light, bright grey we picked out for the bathroom looked great when I was putting it on, but by the time it dried, it had turned purple.  The color we picked … Continue reading

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And I Quote, “It Broke”…

We interrupt this program to bring you an important update: Today, while being washed, our trusty crockpot flew off the handle.  Or, the handle flew off, rather.  There was no dropping or hard hits involved- the handle just kinda broke.  … Continue reading

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Interesting Bathroom Discoveries…

No, it’s nothing gross, I promise (though cleaning the toilet was pretty bad…)- just a few things I discovered as I prepped our upper bathroom to be painted! All the towel bars in our bathroom were hung using wall anchors.  … Continue reading

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A Series of Fortunate Events

So remember when I had that light fixture that tried to burn my house down?  It no longer smells like burning since we put lower wattage bulbs in it, but I’m still leery of it. Part of Bathroom Update, Phase … Continue reading

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Mold, Holes and Paint Fumes

So, do you remember when I showed you our upper bathroom?  Well, I finally got sick of the good-enough state I left it in this summer and decided to changed it.  That and the fact that I’m totally embarrassed to … Continue reading

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Stupid Smartphone…

For the longest time, I used a Motorola Razr cellphone.  This one, actually: It was great!  It was tiny and fit in my pocket, and lived FOREVER even though I always forgot to charge it.  I loved that phone.  And … Continue reading

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