Upper Bath Update: Halfway There!

So our upper bath is *thisclose* to being usable!  I mean, there’s still that minor fact that the fan still doesn’t work, but it looks usable, and really, that’s half the battle!


The wall with the towels on it is pretty accurate color-wise.  It’s an awesome greenish bluish grey, and I love it!  Oh, and those blue tapes on the door frame that I forgot to take down?  Yeah, those are marking the location of the “studs” for the pocket door- I wanted to make sure my towel hook beam was hung securely.  Isn’t it pretty!?


I know there are only 2 of us, so odds of all 4 hooks being used aren’t very good, but 4 hooks just looked right!

There are a few things left to do- get the fan working, make some floating shelves for above the toilet, install a the new light (we found a great deal on Amazon, though it will probably require some spray paint, oh bummer :) ), hang the mirror, and finish the picture frames so we can get some artwork up:


When they’re done, I’ll share some details on how I made them.  But right now, I need to get that fan working!

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