Purple Room, Purple Room…

(sung to the tune of Purple Rain)

So the light, bright grey we picked out for the bathroom looked great when I was putting it on, but by the time it dried, it had turned purple.  The color we picked was called ‘London Smoke’ by Pittsburgh Paints and the fact that it had a shot of magenta in it probably should have clued me it, but it was just a tiny shot!  And it didn’t look too bad on the sample:

I had a hard time accurately shooting this color- it’s lighter and a bit more lavender in real life:


The left-hand side of this picture is pretty true:


That’s the reduced gap that was left from where I patched the drywall on a wall that was not quite square…  It’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Fortunately, our Menard’s is pretty good about retinting paint so I brought my half gallon back in and had them try to get it closer to ‘Fog’, which had more green tones in it:

If you put the 2 samples right next to each other, you can kinda see the difference (left-London Smoke, right- Fog).  Well, you can on the physical samples anyway, I can’t really see it on my laptop unless I tip the screen:


On the wall though, there’s a HUGE difference!

IMG_0387 (Small)-2

I like it already!  I can’t wait to get this room put back together again!!!

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