A Series of Fortunate Events

So remember when I had that light fixture that tried to burn my house down?  It no longer smells like burning since we put lower wattage bulbs in it, but I’m still leery of it.

Part of Bathroom Update, Phase 1 includes retexturing and repainting the walls, so I draped off the entire room:


and took the light fixture down and found these marks on the ceiling:


They aren’t quite scorch marks, which makes me wonder if they were even caused by the higher wattage bulbs (that were in use all of maybe 20 minutes) or if they were the result of repeated heatings from the regular bulbs.  But it really doesn’t matter because I set the shades down on the bathroom counter (after it had been draped) and promptly tripped on it, ripping it down and sending the shades scattering to the floor.  Now about a week or 2 back, one of the shades came loose and fell to the counter (while I was standing right under it getting ready, of course- no, it did not hit me, but yes, I screamed like a little girl).  It took a nice chunk out of the counter top, but bounced and landed in one piece.  We put it back up and tightened them all down.  Unfortunately, one of the shades wasn’t so lucky this time:


So rather than buy new shades for a light fixture I’m not really all that fond of, I think we’ll just be getting a new fixture instead- one that doesn’t get super hot and try to burn our house down, or throw its shades at us.  My projects always end up costing more than I expect, but this time I think I’m ok with the added cost!

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