Interesting Bathroom Discoveries…

No, it’s nothing gross, I promise (though cleaning the toilet was pretty bad…)- just a few things I discovered as I prepped our upper bathroom to be painted!

All the towel bars in our bathroom were hung using wall anchors.  I don’t know why the previous owners were so fond of them, but I can’t stand them.  All they do is come loose and pull out of the wall like this:


Seriously half of the brackets were like that!  Ugh!

Also, the white paint I used to make the room temporarily more acceptable (here’s the before and after, in case you forgot):

bath-before finished-bath

yeah… it was either really cheap or a bad batch because maybe three months after painting the bathroom, my dad came up to help me paint and we opened up that paint bucket and there was something seriously smelly growing in it.  Pretty sure that’s not normal.  Which is why I probably shouldn’t be surprised that the walls that weren’t dripping yellow looked like this:


It was kinda hard to get my camera to focus on it, but it’s pretty crackled.  It reminds me of those stupid ‘Elmer’s Glue Crackle Finish‘ tutorials floating around on Pinterest (am I the only one who can’t stand that “finish”?  I seriously cringe when I see it and just want to sand it down and repaint!)

Anyway… these walls definitely need some work.  I usually don’t bother to tape anything off when I paint (thank you daddy for your awesome steady-hand painting genes!) but since I had to do so much patching on the walls, I wanted to add a bit of texture back to the areas I had repaired (ugh, never again will I use spray texture in a can!  the nozzle fell off the first one and the can jammed on, so I ended up with texture dripping down the walls, which then had to be resanded.  Next time, I’ll suck it up and use an air compressor and texture gun (confession: I have an irrational fear of air compressors- I’m convinced that they too will blow up if I use them.  Also, I jump every time they kick on), so I did drape off the room.

But one last discovery before painting:


Apparently, doorknobs make good hooks for hanging things!

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