Wedding Photography = Blogging Hiatus…

Last weekend, my brother-in-law got married and I shot my first solo wedding.  I second shot with a friend this summer to get some experience, but this was my first time shooting primary, and alone.  Now I have a confession to make:  I really don’t like shooting weddings.  There’s a lot to keep track of, I’m terrible at posing people and my camera doesn’t like low-light situations (like churches, even though this one initially had good light)


Fortunately, my brother-and-law and his new wife aren’t fans of posed pictures and were looking for more candid shots, which is how I shoot.  I also rented some fun equipment for the day!  I used and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to try out camera equipment.  They are super-easy to work with, emailed me when my equipment shipped (which was useful because I had it sent to the in-laws’ and it was originally projected to arrive on the day we’d be staying with them, but the package arrived earlier than expected and I was able to give them a heads up to watch/sign for it), as well as emailing me when they received the equipment I shipped back.  They include a pre-paid shipping label so all you have to do is keep the box, pack everything back into it at the end of your contract, put the new sticker over the old one and take it back to a Fed-Ex store.

As for the equipment I rented… I got Canon’s new Speedlite, the 600EX-RT

image via

I had originally intended to just buy the flash, since I’ve been wanting one for AGES, but we ended up having some larger expenses last year so I decided it would be more responsible to just rent it (and now I want it even more- it’s such an awesome unit, though it weighs a ton and makes my already beastly camera even heavier).

I also rented Canon’s new 24-70 II lens, which replaces the already awesome original 24-70 lens (I think the new one looks way better than the old version).

image via

If I had $2300 to spend, I would totally get that lens too, but for now, I’ve got my eye on a flash…

I ended up with just under 1300 pictures for the day, which means for the next, oh, 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll find me here:


I don’t really have a desk, so I’ve taken over the kitchen table.  Colors on my laptop aren’t always accurate, so I have to use my LCD monitor, which has been color-calibrated.  While I usually just use Gimp for the small pictures I upload here, I use Lightroom 3 to edit any pictures I want to use at full resolution.

As of right now, I have about 50 pictures edited…  which means my updates on here will be pretty sporadic until I’m done with wedding pictures.  Here’s to hoping for a productive weekend!

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