An Apology (With Pictures!!!)

I know it’s been kinda quiet around here lately, partly due to the fact that we’ve been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, and partly because I haven’t really felt like editing pictures and writing up posts- I’d rather be working on projects and haven’t quite found a balance between posting and actually getting work done.  So now that I’m back and have some time, I’ll try to keep things current here, but the 2 main projects I have going now are kinda large, so it’ll take me a bit to get organized and posted, so in the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from our trip:



These canyons were all shot along Hwy 12 in Utah on a stretch known the Hogback.  The road alternated between running along the ridge of the mountain between the canyons and along the side:


And yes, I did get a bit carsick (the heights/cliffs don’t frighten me at all, but cars, buses, trains, pretty much anything the moves besides planes makes me sick) But seriously, aren’t these views just amazing!?



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