Oh, So This is What Progress Looks Like!

I’m a procrastinator.  I can always come up with an excuse for not finishing the many projects I start.  Except that once I actually start working, I really enjoy it (well, projects involving wood or spray paint, projects that involve painting ceilings are never fun and will continue to sit unfinished!).   And since I’ve had a few days off this week, I decided it’s time to finish the garage shelves once and for all…

Yeah, that didn’t quite happen!  But the last shelf is all cut and assembled, the stain should be dry and now it just needs to be clear coated and hung.  Here’s where we’re at:

(I promise they are straighter than they appear!)

All the tools are either on the shelves, or packed onto the bottom of the workbench:

(Yes, my workbench lacks a top…  It actually works fairly well- I’ve kinda gotten use to it!)

And Sam’s all folded up and ready to go back to the basement:

…now to put up that last shelf…

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