Happy Halloween!

So I shared here the beginning of my costume and last night, I finished it (about half and hour before my party)!

Last time we left off, my costume was just a cardboard box sitting on our garage floor:

(I have no idea why the red text on that picture is so blurry- it looked fine on my computer before I uploaded it…)

Anyway… I’m about 5’8″, and I wanted the diagonal of my square to be a bit taller than me, so, based on the size cardboard I had, I cut a 54″x54″ square, which gave me a diagonal of about 76″.  I then covered my cardboard square with poster board (both to cover up the lettering and to keep the box from re-folding itself).

After the square was covered in poster board, and the excess was trimmed off, I decided to spray paint it golden yellow.  Except that Rustoleum didn’t have the color I wanted, so I had to use Krylon.  Now up until this point, I’ve only ever used Rustoleum for my spray painting needs.  It’s what my dad used, and it always seemed to work for him, therefore, it’s what I use.  Until they didn’t have my color.  So I figured since this was just for a costume, Krylon would work just fine.

I was wrong.  Proof:

Instead of spraying nicely, the can just sputtered and paint ran down the can (and all over my hands).  It did however make for this nice artsy picture:

Fortunately, I was able to exchange the can for a new one, which worked just fine, but I’ll be sticking with Rustoleum from now on!

Even after coating the square with an entire can of spray paint, the drips left by that first can were pretty obvious, plus you could see the seams left by the poster board, so I covered the square with a yellow tablecloth and duct taped it along the edges.

Then I added 2 parallel lines out of duct tape, and attached a buckle strap.  Here’s my costume waiting for me to put in on:

Can you guess what I was?

I’m a pedestrian crossing sign!!!  How awesome is that!?  The only downside was that I couldn’t really move through crowds all that well, but as long as I walked sideways and stayed away from the center of large groups, it worked well.  I even won “Most Difficult Costume to Wear”!

Here’s the sign in action at the party:

photo by Jim Jarvise of Morning Light Photography

So, what are you wearing this year?  What’s the best costume you’ve seen so far?  Favorite costume?


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1 Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. Dad says:

    Nice. Next year I want to see “Dear, crossing”. ;-)

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