Meet Sandy!

I got a new toy!!!!   It all started when my in-laws redid their living room and needed a new table, but the one they liked didn’t really match the new set-up, so I offered to refinish it for them.  I was planning on just sanding it down by hand (yeah, a lot of work, but as much as I wanted a sander, right now I really want a jigsaw so I thought I’d try to be responsible and save up my tool-buying power), but then I learned that we had a stack of Amazon credit and since we had a new deck put in earlier this summer and it’s now dried out enough to be sealed before winter (and I wanted to sand down some of the unevenness), I figured a sander would come in handy for that as well.  Meet Sandy (So creative, I know, and yes, I name my tools):

She’s a Bosch 5″ Random Orbit Sander, and she’s already gotten quite the workout!  Here she is getting ready to sand the deck:

The sanding pads are held on by super-fine velcro, which I was a bit skeptical of at first, but I haven’t had a pad slip yet!  The dust collection system works extremely well- if the chamber gets full, then I start to get a slight build-up of dust on my project, but otherwise it has a filter that so far seems to be working great!  It also has very little vibration.  For a while, I was borrowing an older 1/4 sheet sander from a friend and my arms would feel all tingly for hours after using it (which was kinda fun at first, but got old quickly!).  However, my favorite feature (and one of the main reasons I picked this one) is the size of the head:

Look how nice and narrow the grip is!  I have fairly large hands compared to most women, but the round-headed sanders just didn’t feel comfortable to me.  This one fits my palm perfectly!  (Also, it kinda looks like she has a face- 2 screwholes for eyes and the red button for her mouth!).  I broke her in earlier this week by sanding down some shelves and starting on the deck, so she’s a bit more sawdusty than in the pictures, but what’s the use in having power tools if you’re not gonna use them!?

Have you purchased any new toys lately?  Also, does anyone know how to get sap off of deck boards?  Ours bled quite a bit this summer.  I’ve got some Goo-Off and I’ve also heard people have had luck with turpentine, which I’ll try if the Goo-Off doesn’t work.  Gotta love the list of never-ending projects!!

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5 Responses to Meet Sandy!

  1. Joanne says:

    Are you going to strip the finish off first before sanding? Save you a lot of time and will give a more even finish – my dad was a furniture furnisher by trade.

    • Rebecca Lynn says:

      I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead yet- gotta get some of the outdoor stuff done before it gets too cold. The table actually doesn’t look like it has much in the way of finish on it right now, so I figured I’d probably just try sanding it as-is. That and I don’t know what kind of finish was used- do you know how to figure out what kind of finish was used? Or is there an all-purpose stripper? …I’m good at finishing things, but I’ve never actually stripped something before!

  2. Gary says:

    How can you tell Sandy’s a she?

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