Tiny Trees

All my projects are in that awkward middle stage, and I want to show you guys finished things, not half-done projects that ruin the surprise, so I thought I’d share this picture instead:


Shortly after Christmas, I found these tree-shaped jars on clearance at Walmart.  The big one was $2, and the first little one was $1, and then the little ones dropped to 50¢ and I bought a whole forest.  Seriously.  We refer to this collection of jars as The Tiny Tree Forest.  And even though they look pretty empty in that picture, they are currently full of Tiny Tree Treats (clearance Valentine’s Day candy and Jelly Beans).  They currently live on top of our DVD shelf, which helps their tasty contents last longer.  Plus we get to make trips to the Tiny Tree Forest, and something about that phrase (that and Tiny Tree Treats) never fails to make me smile :)

Oh, and some technical details:  Our living room doesn’t have the best lighting, and I didn’t want a flash reflection, so I used my 50mm lens wide open at a shutter speed of 1/50s.  I was a bit worried the narrow depth of field would make the foremost tree be not completely in focus, but I love the way the 1.4 aperture blurs the rear trees!

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