Shopping = Fun?!

You may have guessed it already, but I’m not your typically girly-girl.  I’m not a super-outgoing person and would much rather be swinging a hammer and working on projects than going out to the mall or dinner with a group of girlfriends.  Not that I don’t enjoy hanging out with friends, but I tend to gravitate toward smaller get-togethers as opposed to huge group functions.  You’re more likely to see me covered in paint and sawdust than in makeup.  And I’m hopeless when it comes to shopping.  When I need a new outfit for something, or need accessories to go with stuff I already have, I turn to my sister for help.  She’s got this amazing ability to just walk up to a rack of clothes and come away with the perfect outfit.  Shoot, we live almost 4 hours apart right now and I still call her!  We both head out to the same store and she finds cool stuff and describes it to me so I can find it too.  Even when we were in school (and again lived 3-4 hours apart) she would go shopping “with” me.  Or at the very least hop online and send me links to cute things so I had a target when I went out to the store.

My favorite time was when I needed shoes to go with the dress I was wearing to my brother-in-law’s wedding and since we were both in town at the time, she came to pick me up.  I totally forgot to set my alarm and was sound asleep when she came.  So I threw on some clothes, grabbed a muffin, and ran out the door.  We (she) found the perfect pair of boots at the second store we tried.  I had been up for just over half an hour.  It gave us the whole rest of the day to hang out and talk!  Had I tried to do that on my own, I would have ended up shopping and driving around for hours only to come home empty handed and in a terrible mood.

I bring this up because I voluntarily spent 6 hours a store today.  But this wasn’t just any store- earlier this week I discovered an ACE Hardware whose existence was previously unknown to me.  And it had this:


That is a whole aisle of drawers- drawers that contain nuts and bolts and screws and any sort of doodad you can imagine!  I seriously spent 15 minutes just walking up and down this aisle opening up random boxes.  And even though I couldn’t stay long that first day, I knew I’d have to come back.  So I came up with an awesome project idea and spent 6 hours there this afternoon picked out the perfect pieces:


This project involves spray paint, and I’ve heard rumors of a warm spell (40s) coming this way, so I’m hoping the weather holds out so I can show you guys because seriously, this is gonna be cool!

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