Upper Bath: Complete!

Guys, I just showered upstairs for the first time in almost a month and a half, and let me tell you- it was amazing!

Back when I started this bathroom project, I figured I could have the majority of it done in a weekend… HA!  I should have known better… unfortunately, that meant that we’ve had to use the downstairs shower since January.  It’s not really that big of a deal- sure it’s a bit chillier down there, and it’s not as convenient as the bathroom right off our bedroom, but at least it has a functioning shower!

And today we put the last piece into place: a functioning fan!  I’ll go into details on that later, but right now, I have to show you our finished bathroom!!


Isn’t it awesome!  The pictures don’t quite capture the colors quite right (and I don’t have a wide-angle lens so things are a bit cropped), but I’m super-excited about how this room has turned out!

Here’s a shot of the completed vanity area:


(yes, I’m in pajamas- my pants have dinosaurs on them!)

You can’t really tell from this shot, but the globes on the light fixture are about half an inch above the level of the mirror frame- just where I wanted them to hit!


I’m still trying to figure out what else to put on my sweet floating shelves


So there you have it- our bathroom is done!  …until phase 2 when I plan on cleaning up and probably re-staining the vanity, and maybe replacing the countertop (it’s full of scratches and cracks and has a nice divot from when one of the light shades fell down).

What sorts of projects have you been working on?  Do they always seem to take longer than you anticipate, or are you pretty good at staying on schedule?

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6 Responses to Upper Bath: Complete!

  1. sherry rud says:

    nice job!
    Sherry Rud

  2. Wendy says:

    It looks awesome!

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