Our bathroom is so close to being done!!!  I ran into a bit of a snafu this morning (like 4am, morning) in that the mounting screws for our light were too long (and my Dremel was nowhere to be found) and since no hardware store is open then, I had to call it a night.  Am I the only night owl who gets the most done at about 2am?

Even though I couldn’t get the light up, I was able to get the mirror framed.  If you remember, I ran into some size-related issues with the mirrors we currently had at our house.  Thanks to your input, I opted to just go out and find a mirror that fit the space, rather than try to make one of the existing mirrors work.  At $50, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I’m hoping by Craigslisting the other 2, I’ll be able to get most of that back.

Even though small, cute mirrors are all the rage right now, I wanted something big and this mirror definitely fits that- at 42″x39″ it just barely fit in my car!


I brought along my nice, thick alpaca blankets to pad the mirror for the ride home, and secured it in place with a few bungee cords conveniently placed in my trunk by my dad.   You can never have too many bungee cords- when I was younger we would stop an pull over, and rescue any bungees we saw on the side of the road and I may or may not have continued that tradition…

Also, once one of our cars dies, we’ll probably replace it with a bigger vehicle- my car can haul a decent amount of lumber and I can pack quite a bit of stuff in it, but having a larger vehicle- something with 4-wheel drive and towing capabilities- would come in handy here in Northern Wisconsin!  (not that my car will ever die- I’m hoping it lives forever- I love my car and am quite attached to it!)

Anyway… I managed to get the mirror out of my car and into the house without incident, and propped it up on the vanity to make sure it fit:


(I can’t wait to have proper lighting in here!  The majority of my in-progress pictures for this project look terrible, especially if I just use the point and shoot!)

It fits!  And for the record, yes, that is a piece of painter’s tape holding the mirror up and yes, it actually held the mirror up! (not that I’d trust it overnight or anything, but for a quick picture?  totally acceptable!)

After cleaning up the mirror a bit (I’m looking at you sticker), I picked up some mirror mounting clips.  I was originally planning on using a J-channel on the bottom:


But they only came in long lengths and I didn’t want to have to cut it down.  Since I was also planning on framing the mirror, I wanted to find some sort of clip that would be relatively flush so I could just seat my frame over it and not have to notch out around the clips.  I also really don’t trust the plastic clips, but I was having a hard time finding anything not plastic.  Then I found these clips at Menards:


After locating the studs, I rested the lip of the clip on the top of the backsplash and secured the bottom 2 clips.  For the top clips, I measured where I wanted to lip to fall and drilled my holes so that the clip could be raised up enough to slide the mirror into place and then pressed the clips down so the lip held the mirror in place.  Does that make sense?  I always go to write these kinds of things up only to realized I never took pictures along the way :(

Next, I measured out my frame.  I used 1×3 poplar boards the same width as the mirror, and about 2 inches taller (to make room for the mounting hardware).  After an unfortunate incident of late-night construction in which I measured twice, but still cut incorrectly (I mitered my corners and cut the long side to the measured length instead of the inner side- nothing a little glue and clamps and sanding couldn’t fix!…).  Here’s the frame drying after being glued and stapled (I don’t believe in Kreg Jigs, I plan on reinforcing the corners with screws later):


Oh yeah, I also lack large clamps, so after applying glue (and putting some wax paper down so I don’t glue anything to the floor) I threw a couple staples in each corner and then weighed each corner down to keep the frame flat.  Starting at the top and going clockwise we have: a full gallon of primer, a partial gallon of Minwax’s Golden Oak stain left by the previous owners + my cordless drill, joint compound, and about half a gallon of polyurethane (also left by the previous owners), 2 welding clamps and my corded drill.  Not the prettiest of set-ups, but it worked!

The frame got the same treatment as the rest of the wood in our bathroom: Miniwax’s Wood Finish in Jacobean + India Ink.  I ran into a few problems trying to mount it.  My first plan was to use a set of angle brackets like this:


But for some odd reason, the frame kept kicking away from the mirror.  I Googled to see how other people attached their frames, but most everyone was using Liquid Nails or some other adhesive and I didn’t want to glue my frame onto the mirror.  Then I realized I was probably over thinking things.  I grabbed a set of picture hanging brackets:


Measured where the center of the stud would be and installed them onto the back of my frame.  Then I drilled a drywall screw into each stud so they would line up with the hangers.  I also tied a piece of wire around the head of each screw, looped it through the hanger, and then back around each screw in a sort of figure-8 pattern.


(it’s really hard to take a picture behind a mirror!)  I’m hoping that this will hold it secure enough that even if the frame gets bumped it won’t come crashing down (unless those hangers pull out…).  The frame also ended up being about 1/16″ lower than the backsplash, so it’s actually wedged in place pretty well!

Here’s the finished product!


Now to hang that light…

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2 Responses to Framed!

  1. Gary says:


    And, for the record, I don’t believe in Kreg Jigs either. :-/

    • Rebecca Lynn says:

      I like the concept (secure joints, nice system to ensure things stay flush), but I can’t get over the giant holes left behind. I mean, sure you can put them on the back (or inside, or where ever people aren’t inclined to look), but I’ll still know they’re there! (kinda like why the underside of your table is black too- I’d know if it wasn’t, even if no one else did!

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