Upper Bath: Super-Secret Project #1

So as I planned out what I was going to do with our bathroom refresh/remodel, I came up with an awesome idea, but since I wanted to get phase 1 done in just one weekend, I mentally bumped it out to phase 2.  Then I broke the light and since it took a while to get a new one, I decided to start working on one of the phase 2 projects…

Floating shelves!!!


(Still gotta find stuff to fill the shelves- that’s where secret project #2 comes in :) )

As for how I made them: I used 1x2s for the frames and a slab of 1/4″ aspen for the top/bottom, but since I don’t have a table saw, or any sort of tool for making long, with-the-grain cuts, my frames ended up kinda chunky:


You can kinda see the inner frame in this shot, as well as how the 2 parts slide together:


I’ve been using Miniwax’s Wood Finish in Jacobean for all the bathroom projects so far, along with a bit of India Ink.  Fun fact: that can is one of the first project-related purchases I made, way back in 2009 when I built a super-awesome media shelf for my DVDs.  The can is almost empty and I’m actually kinda sad about it :(


I guess I’ll have to go buy some more!

Once the shelves were all stained and clear-coated, it was time to install them!


I was only able to hit one stud, so I secured it with a giant deck screw, and just used the second screw to hold the shelf level.

And since shelves look cooler in pairs:


For added stability (and weight!), each shelf also gets a cross beam.  I had to take them off so I could secure the bracket part to the wall, but I marked them so I would know which beam went with which bracket (I had pre-drilled them so I wanted to make sure the holes lined up):


I also put an arrow on both the bracket and the beam so I’d know which end was up and which end went where:


(can you see the screw tips peeking through the holes?)

Here are the completed inner frames:


Nice and chunky!  Fortunately the stuff I plan on putting on them isn’t too heavy because these shelves have some serious heft to them!


I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out!  And they were really easy to make.  I do wish I had been able to cut down the insides a bit so they weren’t so chunky, but until we find room for a table saw, I’ll just have to make due with what we have (and buy my wood as close to the size I need).

Even though it took almost a month longer than I intended, I love the way our bathroom is turning out!  The frame for the mirror is almost ready to be hung, I’ve cut a new hole for the light fixture and the old hole is patched.  All that’s left is priming/painting over the old hole, installing the light and hanging the frame.  I’m seriously excited!  I kinda want to jump into phase 2, but since it involves spray paint, I’ll have to wait until it gets warmer.

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