An Open Letter to 3M

Dear 3M,

I love your blue painter’s tape- it works great for taping off odd corners and edges, as well as tucking around the carpet on our staircase so I can paint the wall and not the carpet.  I love that it sticks well, but doesn’t pull off or damage whatever you stick it too.  What I don’t care for is the fact that when I get to the end of my roll, this happens:


I shredded those first 4 pieces before finally getting that full one on the left.  This isn’t an old roll- I’ve had it for less than a year, and there’s still several feet left on the roll, so it shouldn’t be an issue of tape sticking to that inner tape roll.

This happened with my previous roll too- why are those last few feet so hard to use!?

Ugh… I know a lot of people who swear by Frog Tape, but since I don’t actually tape off my edges (thank you daddy-o for your super-awesome steady handed painting genes!) it’s not worth the extra cost for me.  Regular masking tape works for most applications, but sometimes,  you just need the blue stuff.  …except for when the blue stuff fails you and goes shreddy… :(

What’s a girl to do?!



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