Upper Bath Update: Framed

Alright, so yesterday I asked you guys for your opinion on what to do with the mirror/light situation in our bathroom.  Here’s an updated shot:


(yes, the frame is just taped up there)

Seeing it laid out as brought up some new questions:

1) is it weird that the mirror doesn’t extend the full width of the countertop? (especially since the frame rests on the backsplash)

2) in order for the globes to clear the mirror/frame, I need to raise the fixture up about 3.5″, which will put the fixture about 10.5-11″ from the ceiling- is that enough clearance (I plan on using spiral bulbs so as not to repeat this problem)

3) the frame shows the approx. size of the mirror we had been planning on using- what do you think of that rectangle size?  Even with raising the light up, I don’t know that I’m entirely sold on it…

Thoughts?  Questions?  Ideas?

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2 Responses to Upper Bath Update: Framed

  1. It’s hard to tell from the perspective of the photo, but could you turn the mirror horizontally or is it then wider than the vanity? Or for a new mirror, what do you think of something like this where the mirror is framed and the light fixture is part of the framing? http://www.remodelaholic.com/2012/11/framing-large-bathroom-mirror/

  2. Rebecca Lynn says:

    We’ve tried turning the mirror sideways and while it fits lengthwise (both the mirror and the backsplash are about 42″ long), the mirror is only like 28″ tall, which just seems really short to me. As soon as the frame is dry, I’ll hang it up horizontally and post a new picture- I did frame the mirror out a bit wider on the sides so it’s more like 34-35″ wide.

    I do really like the look of that large-framed mirror, my only concern is that I was planning on staining our frame dark to match the rest of the bathroom hardware/accessories I’ve made and I think our light would get a bit lost (maybe we should have gotten the silver one after all!)

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