Framed: An Update and More Choices

Alright, here are our options:

1) Vertical frame, raise the light a bit:


2) Horizontal frame, leave light where it is:


3) Hit up Craigslist and Building Hope (our version of a ReStore) and try to find a mirror that is wider than our current mirror, but about the same height.

I like the first option (height-wise anyway, I’d still like it to be a bit wider.  I don’t like the second one because it just feels too short.  Plus, I plan on putting up some floating shelves about the toilet and the width of the mirror feels like it’s crowding their space), but my husband prefers the second one.  Oh, and to give you a sense of scale- can you see those little yellow post-its on the left-hand side of the pictures?- the top one is about eye level for us.

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3 Responses to Framed: An Update and More Choices

  1. Gary says:

    You don’t want to have to bend down to see the top of your head, so don’t make the top edge too low. But if you don’t have to move the light, that’s a plus. I like the width that matches the counter width.

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. Rebecca Lynn says:

    I found a mirror with the exact dimensions of that space- just a hair narrower than the length of the backsplash and just a hair shorter than the height of the light. I think I may still bump the light up just a bit, but that’s only because I think it hangs just a bit too low, and have thought so since I first hung it, before we started this whole mirror business!

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