Alright guys, so we finally bit the bullet and bought a light.  The one we were looking at was listed at $150, but was on Amazon for $120.  We were planning on getting a silver one, and then spray painting it when I decided I didn’t really like silver :)  But even a “used” (open box) one from Amazon’s warehouse was $90.  Then I found it.  The Best Deal Ever™.  Our light, open box but still new with a 30 day warranty for only $50 (plus shipping).  Plus, we had $35 in Amazon credit from our credit card rewards making our grand total $25, shipping included!

The only catch?  The color was ‘Olde Bronze’.  I mean, it looked pretty dark in the picture (because we all know pictures never lie) and since I was probably going to end up spray painting it anyway (and cheap light + spray paint was still way cheaper than light in a color I may or may not end up spray painting), we went for it.

Our awesome bathroom light came the other day and I finally installed it this evening (our old hardware didn’t line up with the new hardware, so I had to pick up a few extra things).  Here’s the problem:  the base of the new light is bigger than the old one, and the way it’s designed means the lights hang a lot lower than the previous one, which means the mirror we were planning on putting up no longer fits.  Here’s a (terrible) shot of what we’re working with:


I tried Googling to see how high other people hang their lights, but it seems to be dictated by mirror size.  My first inclination would be to raise the light fixture up a bit, so our mirror fits underneath it again (the mirror currently comes up to the bottom of the light fixture base, so I wouldn’t have to raise it much), but I don’t want the lights too close to the ceiling (can’t let this happen again!).

What would you do?  Raise the light?  Find a new mirror?  New light fixture?  (I don’t like that option- olde bronze turned out to be almost the exact color I was shooting for!  it’s maybe a hair too brown, but I think I’m probably the only one who will notice.  Unless you come over to my house.  Then you’ll know to look for it…)

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6 Responses to HELP!!!

  1. Gary says:

    I’d go with new mirror unless your current one really reflects your personality.

    • Rebecca Lynn says:

      the main reason for using the current one is because it’s free. I do think the light fixture hangs just a bit too low for my liking, but whether bump it up a few inches will be enough for our current mirror to fit through… we’ll find out in a bit!

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