In Which Stuff Gets Clean

Every now and then I get in a cleaning mood and go on a mad cleaning streak around the house.  Things get dusted, floors get vacuumed, bathrooms get scrubbed… it’s awesome.  But it doesn’t happen very often, and it’s usually at night, so I tend to get sleepy before I can finish.

But this weekend, my husband decided to get in on the cleaning action and started vacuuming- upstairs the first day, downstairs the next, and added a small cleaning project to his daily to-do list.  This was the aftermath of his upstairs vacuuming endeavor:


(and yes, that is an eyeball you see on the ottoman- it’s on our kleenex box)

I felt kinda lazy for not helping, and since I’ve started bringing some of my projects upstairs to work on (like the picture frames I hinted) and tend to leave pieces scattered around, I figured I should clean up/organize a little bit.  While I was putting my gloves away, this happened:


Yes, that glove fell and “grabbed” onto the shelf below it as it fell…  How cool is that!?

On a project-related note, I ran into some problems trying to print pictures for my frames, so I’m going to hold off sharing that project until they are completely done, but I did build some sweet shelves- they’re almost ready to be installed and I can’t wait to share them!

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