Not gonna lie- I hate snow.  I mean, a white Christmas is nice and all, but as far as I’m concerned, it can snow Christmas Eve and melt again on the 26th.  Except that that would never happen here in the upper Midwest :(

It was snowing when I woke up this morning, and when I checked the deck at noon today, there was about an inch of snow on the rail.  When I checked it again an hour and a half later, here’s what I found:


Two hours later, the snow had gotten even taller:


And then, just 45 minutes later:


What started as a light flurry has turned into a squall of fat fluffy flakes.  And since the storm shows no sign of letting up (there’s a giant blue cloud sitting right over us on the radar), we will definitely be getting more than the 3-5″ we were originally forecasted to get.  Look how much accumulated in just 2.5 hours!


The only good thing about getting this much snow means I get to use the snowblower- I LOVE snowblowing!  Last year I busted out the snowblower every chance I got, even when there was only an inch or so of snow dusting the ground…

Also, someone forgot to bring in the grill…


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3 Responses to sNOOOOOOOOOw!!!!!!

  1. Gary says:

    You can’t have your lack of snow and blow it too. (Yeah…that didn’t work very well, but you get the idea.)

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