Walkin’ on Broken Glass

Ok, not really, but I did break a bulb while trying to remove it from our bathroom fixture.  We’ve had a light burnt out in there for several months now, but the other 3 were still giving off enough light, plus these were the funny skinny kind and we didn’t have any in our lightbulb stash, so we just made due with 3 lights.  Until last night when another bulb went out and we couldn’t put off replacing them any longer.

Unfortunately, the old bulbs had been in the fixture forever, so when I tried to take the first one out, it broke:

IMG_8600 (Small)

Not as catastrophic as I first thought it was (there was a blue spark and a pop and in the dark, I thought the enlarged section at the bottom end of the bulb was the glass blowing up or something.  I don’t know, it was dark, my imagination is a bit crazy), but the metal thread end was stuck in the socket.  Fortunately, I have a set of tiny pliers!  …and husband who’s quite adept at removing stuck bulbs.  We decided to replace all 4 bulbs at once and keep the 2 good ones as back up until I busted one of the good ones trying to get it out.  I guess the original bulbs really were quite old!

IMG_8603 (Small)

But they are out now and our bathroom once again has 4 working lights- it’s amazing how bright it is in there now!  …and it shows just how bad our bathroom is… We really need to get a working fan in there- I’m getting sick of looking at the water marks dripping down the wall- it’s so gross and now it’s brightly illuminated for all the world to see :(

Yay, more projects…

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3 Responses to Walkin’ on Broken Glass

  1. Gary says:

    I hear you can use a raw potato for this kind of removal too. Don’t recall if I ever tried it though.

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