Ooh, Shiny!! (In Other Words, We Have a New Fridge)

Our days of having to walk out to the garage every time we wanted to eat are over- late this afternoon (1 hour and 50 minutes into our 2 hour window), a giant truck showed up in our driveway and 2 guys jumped out.  While the first guy disconnected our fridge and got it ready for transport, the 2nd guy disconnected the springs on our storm door.  Then they were wheeling our old fridge down the stairs and out the door:

I was actually kind of sad to see it go :(  I did, however, find a few interesting things in the now-empty fridge slot:

The first was that giant copper coil:

Turns out our kitchen is set up with a water line.  Who knew!?  We certainly didn’t so the fridge we got doesn’t have one of those built-in water/ice dispensers, though even if I had known, I still think we would have gotten the same fridge.  I hear too many stories about water lines leaking and I just don’t want to deal with that.  We did discover that our freezer has an automatic ice maker so maybe someday we’ll replace that copper line with a nice braided hose and hook it up.  In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy our new fridge as is.

I also discovered some paint splatters on the floor under where the fridge used to be:

If you look carefully around the cabinets, you can see the dark red color the walls used to be.   Based on the way other projects were done around here, it doesn’t surprise me that the previous owners were poor painters as well.  I am surprised that they even bothered to pull out the fridge and paint behind it though.  Also, there is no faceplate on the outlet behind the fridge.  I should probably pull out the fridge again and put one on.

But that can wait for a bit.  I want to show you our new fridge!  It’s a bit wider (3/4″ or so) wider than our old fridge, so the movers removed our front door so neither it nor the fridge would get scratched:

Then they maneuvered it up the stairs (with maybe 1/2″ to spare between the rail and the wall) and into the fridge slot:

It took the first mover and me a good 10 minutes or so to get all the tape/protective wrapping off, while the second mover reattached all our doors.  Then they pushed the fridge into place and voila!  Our new fridge is all ready to go!!!

I love how clean and sleek its lines are!  And I love that the fridge part is on the top!  (our old fridge had the freezer on top, so I was constantly having to bend down to get my food- so annoying!)  There are, however, 2 things that bother me about the new fridge:

1) it’s not magnetic, so I’ll have to think of some way to hang stuff on the front.  Right now I’m thinking of putting a few those little 3M hooks on each side of the fridge and running a string between them, then using cute little clothespins (like these, but in not-so-primary colors) to hang pictures and stuff, and

2) the side is grey- not metallic and shiny like the rest of the fridge (and since it’s visible, and I’ll see it all the time when I’m cooking, it’s going to bother me).  I’ll live with it for a while, but I think it’ll eventually get painted.

House projects have pretty much been put on hold for now, but as our appliances wear out and die, we’ll be replacing them with stainless steel ones.  And once we do that, I plan on using Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations to make the cabinets darker.  Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to decide on what color to paint the kitchen (there’ve been paint chips taped to the wall since about the 2nd week we moved in).

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