Messy Middles

Have you ever gotten halfway through a project only to step back and wonder if you messed up?  I mean, I’ve learned by now that when I’m painting a wall that the primer is going to look splotchy, but that once I put on a coat or 2 of paint, it’ll look fine.  And I knew that when I was making my shelves that the stack of pieces I had cut would eventually take shape.  We haven’t done any major renovations on the house, but when I chopped a giant hole our garage, there were a few times when I looked at the wall and wondered how just how I was going to patch it up and if it would actually work the way it I had pictured in my head.  And while I’m really hoping that this table will turn out alright, it’s kinda hard to visualize when the first coat of paint came out looking like this:

This was one of the more heavily coated pieces- I’m trying to keep each coat light to minimize the appearance of brushstrokes, but right now I’m afraid they’ll never be a solid black finish.  I’m painting the pieces in small batches (starting with the pieces from the underside of the table, so I can figure out what technique will give me the best looking finish) and right now I’m painting faster than the pieces can dry.  Here’s the first batch after the first coat (only painted on 2 sides so far):

They’re so light!  and like that first picture, so streaky!  But they’ve been drying for most of this evening, so I’m going to go give them another coat or two.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m using Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch in Semi-Gloss Black (I’m not really a fan of gloss- I was hoping for more of a Satin finish, but my choices were Gloss or Semi-Gloss, and so far it’s not too shiny).  It’s a lot thicker than regular paint (I’ll try to get a good picture of how it stays formed after you dip your brush in it), so I might try thinning it out for the next coat.  Anyone have any experience with this paint?  I’ve never been disappointed with Rustoleum before, so I’m hoping subsequent coats start darkening up and evening out those streaks.

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2 Responses to Messy Middles

  1. Floetrol is awesome when hand painting furniture!

    • Rebecca Lynn says:

      I’ve never heard of it before but after some quick Googling, I think I’ll give it a shot for when I’m painting the large top pieces! Thanks! I also like that it’s made by Flood, which is the same company that made the sealant we used on our deck because I was pretty happy with the way that product worked!

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