Garages: Not Just for Cars Anymore!

When we bought our house, the appliances it came with were original to the now 13 year old house.  It was just a matter of time before they started failing.  I mean, they all have quirks:  the indicator light for the front right burner on the stove is permanently on, the microwave doesn’t have a lightbulb (as in, there is no internal light), and the dishwasher only gets about half the dishes clean.  Of all the kitchen appliances, I thought the fridge would hang on the longest.

But then we noticed an odor yesterday.  There was some ham that was probably past its prime, so we got rid of that, but our fridge is really pretty empty- there was nothing else that smelled off.  And then it hit me as I ate my cereal this morning: the milk wasn’t ice cold like it usually is; our fridge was dying.  Fortunately the freezer seems to be cooling still and it’s pretty cold out up here, so we just relocated our fridge food to coolers in the walk-in cooler (aka the garage).

Sure it’s a little inconvenient (and chilly) having to go outside every time we want to eat, but at least our food won’t go bad out there.  Plus it won’t last long: our new fridge will be here on Thursday.

In other news, the table is all primed! Painting by hand takes FOREVER! I really wish I could just spray paint it- it took me all afternoon to fully prime all the surfaces/pieces and I plan on putting on multiple coats of paint to ensure a nice smooth finish.  I have a few days off coming up so I’m hoping to knock out a good portion of the pieces this week.  Hopefully I’ll have some good progress pictures to share soon!

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