Refinishing a Table, Part 1

I (finally) started working on the table I’m refinishing for my inlaws, the one that I bought this sander for over a month ago.  I’m actually pretty proud of myself- I usually don’t start Christmas presents until a week or two before the holiday, and then pull several late nights trying to get them done in time.  But as of right now, the table is about 80% sanded.  It’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated because when I flipped the main part of the table over (it ships as legs, leaves and table top), I uncovered this:

And I can’t just paint the surfaces that’ll be visible.  Because I’ll know that there are unpainted surfaces under the table and it’ll bother me.  Plus, I’m painting this table black and any unpainted parts will really stand out.  Which is how I found myself here:

I tried to keep each section grouped together with its screws, and I’ve got that picture of the underside to help me put it back together again.  I will, however, be slightly disappointed if I don’t end up with at least a couple of extra pieces :)

Since I can’t count on the weather to stay nice (it was 60 today!!!), I can’t just spray paint (and spray painting in the house has proven to be a terrible idea, even with what I thought was sufficient ventilation), but I enjoy this kind of painting (ceiling painting on the other hand… we have vaulted ceilings in our kitchen/living room that have been half painted since April, and will probably stay that way for another 6 months!).  I’m planning on starting to paint tomorrow, but I’m easily distracted, so we’ll see what actually happens!

Oh, and for anyone interested, this is the table I’m working on. It’s actually pretty cool- it folds up to 20″ so it can sit against the wall, but folds out to a whopping 72″!

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3 Responses to Refinishing a Table, Part 1

  1. Gary says:

    Wise use of linkage. :)

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