Microprinting, part 3

As you’ve seen here and here, US currency has some pretty cool words/images hidden on it.  I had two versions of the $5 and was pleasantly surprised to find that both of them had microprinting!

Let’s start with the previous version of the $5 bill:

Along Lincoln’s frame are the words “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”; this one is kind of beaten up:

This one is more clear:

And now the new $5 bill:

Along the left-hand side of this one are more tiny 05s and the words ‘FIVE DOLLARS’ in the decorative border:

And in the middle of the shield:

This one has some microprinting on the back, as well as those tiny 05s:

State names along the rim of the Lincoln Memorial:

Look at a close-up of that purple 5:

So there you have it, all the hidden words I could find on our currency!  Have you found anything I missed?

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