Blue Angels

Long time, no post.  It seems work has gotten in the way of life.  I kept telling myself I’d work on pictures tomorrow and suddenly here we are, a week later, and no pictures to show for it.  Let’s change that!

A few years back, the Blue Angels came to town.   I had never seen them before, so I went down to the air show.  And, because my camera looks impressive when I attach my telephoto lens, one of the event organizers invited into areas that were otherwise closed to the general public!  This access let me shoot the Blue Angels prior to take off:

Unfortunately, it started to rain shortly after that shot, and continued to rain through out the Blue Angels’ show.  So I tucked my camera into my raincoat and whipped it out quickly each time the Blue Angels passed by.  Here’s what I was able to capture…

The underside of a lone plane:

and the underside of a plane that was flying in a pack:

Planes flying in a triangle formation:

Look how closely they fly!

This is one of my favorite shots of the day- I love that you can see the pilots watching each other as they fly in this formation!

Here’s a crop of that last shot:

Not the sharpest picture, but still pretty cool!

Vertical climb:

A shot of the grounds crew after they directed the plane to its parking spot:

And the pilots:

The Blue Angels will be coming to town again next year and I can’t wait to go- I’m hoping for a nicer day- without the rain, so I can get some nice bright shots.  Although the rain and overcast sky did make for some nice moody black and white shots:

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