The Joys of Homeownership, Part 3

As you’ve seen here and here, we’ve uncovered more than a few surprises left by the previous owners.  This next one, however, I think is just due to neglect and a poorly placed tree (wait til you see the pictures- it’s bad!!)

As I was working on our garage shelves, I noticed some light coming from the rear garage door.  As in, through the sill.  Here’s what it looks like close up:


yeah… If just the sill was damaged, I would consider patching it, but since the door is rotting out too, I think I’ll be learning how to install an exterior door in the near future!  The good news is now I can put a deadbolt on that door- it currently doesn’t have one, and I really didn’t want to have to cut a second hole in the door.   The bad news is our cool spell is over and we’re back up in the 90s, which means I have a hard time motivating myself to do outdoor projects…

So this is me, super warm, unmotivated, and starting to think that my list of project is never going to get done :(

So, how do you stay motivated to get projects done around the house?  Also, if you’ve ever installed a door, I’d love some tips!

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6 Responses to The Joys of Homeownership, Part 3

  1. Randy says to make sure you measure what size you need and then get a “prehung” door which means it comes with the frame. Don’t forget a package of shims. Start with the hinge side, tack the frame in leaving the nails out a bit in case adjustments are needed. Make sure the gap is the same between the door frame and door. Under the sill you should put a bead of caulk to seal out unwanted bugs.

  2. Al Sonnenberg says:

    What Randy S. says is right. You might shop around if you have 2 or 3 stores like Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot as they like to cut each others throat in pricing but look for good quality also.
    Al S.

  3. Rebecca Lynn says:

    Thanks! I was planning on waiting until Menards had a sale (that’s the only big box store we have in the area that carries doors) but maybe we’ll make a trip out to Lowes and/or Home Depot as well. I know a door/jamb assembly won’t fit in either of our cars, so unless I can get a friend from work to let me borrow a truck, we’ll probably have to have it shipped here, so we could get one from anywhere really. What should I be looking for in terms of a quality door?

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