The Joys of Homeownership, Part 2

So remember when I showed you some of the stellar work the previous homeowner did in our garage?  Here’s some more!!

When we moved in, the upstairs bath was painted cream and gray, and had yellow and blue tile.  None of which went with our bathroom stuff, which was red/black/white.  So I took it upon myself to fix it!  Here’s what I was starting with:

I started by taking down all the hardware, which was full of wall anchors.  The best part was that the wall anchors were too long and would scrape on the pocket door every time it was opened or closed.

In addition to having to patch the holes left behind by all the hardware I wasn’t putting back up, I came across this gem:

Somewhere along the line, the previous homeowners decided to hang a new fixture and repaint the bathroom, but they obviously couldn’t be bothered to patch the hole left behind by the old fixture (or maybe they just punched a hole in the wall to access the wiring- I wouldn’t put it past them!) or paint behind the mirror.  Maybe they just bought a big enough mirror to cover up that hole and called it close enough.  Who knows?!

I decided to just paint the walls white for now, which included making the tile white as well.  Spray paint seemed the quickest/easiest way to accomplish that, so I draped/taped off the sink:

and the shower:

I’m actually pretty happy with the way it turned out:

Here’s the mostly-finished bath:

I still want to change all the antique gold hardware and will probably paint the walls a pale gray, but it’ll do for now!  So, what sort of home renovations have you been up to?

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5 Responses to The Joys of Homeownership, Part 2

  1. Joanne L. Sell says:

    Nice job, Becca! What type of paint did you use to over the tile? Epoxy? May have to look into this! Joanne

    • Rebecca Lynn says:

      I actually just used plain old Rustoleum!! I hit it with a coat of primer and then followed it up by 2 coats of white; I don’t think I even bothered to scuff up the tile beforehand. If you want it to last, epoxy is definitely the way to go, but I plan on redoing the bathroom so I don’t need it to last forever.

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