Run, Runaway

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to run a triathlon.  I’ve never really been a runner, and I wasn’t entirely sure of the best way to train, so I decided to just take it slow.  Since I was already swimming several times a week at the time (about 2000 yards each day, but sometimes I’d get bored and leave early- especially if the water speaker wasn’t on), I decided to focus on the running and biking aspects.  Now, my bike certainly isn’t a race bike.  It’s pretty old, has a tire that doesn’t like to stay inflated, and has a crate on the back of it from when I’d bike to the grocery store (have you tried balancing a gallon of milk and several boxes of cereal and whatever else you plan on eating for the week on your handle bars?  it’s not easy!).  I still take it to the store from time to time, so I like keeping the crate on (even though that makes it oh-so-attractive…), but I’d probably get myself laughed out of the race if I showed up with my bike looking like this:

But that doesn’t matter, because even though I tried to start out slow and take it easy on the running, I started having problems with my knees a few weeks into training and landed myself in PT shortly after that.   So I had to put my dream of a triathlon on hold til the next year to give my knees time to heal and give myself time to train again.  But the same thing happened the next year and I’ve been hesitant to start up again ever since.

But then we were out shoe shopping.  And I saw all the running shoes.  And they were cute (which is totally not my typical reaction to shoes.  give me a pair of sneakers and I’m happy).  And on sale.  Plus I had a 30% coupon!

So I bought a pair:

They don’t look it in this picture, but those laces are seriously bright.  I don’t know who decided neon was the in thing nowadays, because I’m definately not into such flashy things, but these shoes were so comfy that the neon-ness couldn’t deter me.  Seriously- it’s like walking on a cloud!

I decided then that it was time to give running a try.  Again.  I’m hoping that between the new shoes and a better training plan that my knees will be ok, but I’m a little nervous.   But I’m really itching to try out my shoes, so give me your suggestions!  How do you increase your endurance while staving off injury?  What do you like to listen to when you run?  (I’m always looking for new songs to try out!)  How do you stay motivated? Let me know!!

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4 Responses to Run, Runaway

  1. I love the shoes — what brand are they?

    You should increase your endurance slowly. Run gently, that’s my best advice. Don’t try to “win a race” just get out there and run gently. Listen to your body and slow down, walk if necessary. Slow down? What I mean is when you get out there and start running conciously slow down even more — especially since you’ve had knee problems. We tend to think we’re running “slow” but we really aren’t — so I always say “slow down” even if you think you’re going slow already. Eventually, when your body (and knees) are ready you’ll speed up naturally, and it will likely feel effortless.

    Most of the time I don’t listen to anything when I run other than birds singing, leaves rustling, rain (if its raining) my labored breathing and the sound of my feet hitting the ground, its a symphony of sorts. When I do listen to music I tend to listen to hip hop (eminen, snoop dogg, wiz khalifa) which is not what I normally listen to, but my oldest son made me a playlist of his favorite music and the beats are ideal for my running pace so I actually enjoy it.

    As far as motivation is concerned I rarely need motivation to run, I love it that much, but on those occasions when I don’t want to run I recall the last time I felt that way and ran anyway and how much I didn’t regret it. Usually that’s all it takes. I never regret a run.

    Good luck on your tri goal — I have the same goal that I intend to accomplish by the time I turn 50 (which is 4 years from now). My issue is swimming. . . . I don’t know how to do it yet.

  2. Rebecca Lynn says:

    The shoes are Kanadia by Adidas. I had tried on a few other pairs, but this pair just felt right.

    Thank you for the advice to slow down- when I run, I feel like I need to run fast, even though I know that’s totally not practical, especially when I’m just starting out. I think somewhere in my head I’ve convinced myself that I have to push myself to go a bit faster if I want to get better at running, but I think you’ve got it right- work for endurance and the speed will come!

    I’ve been experimenting with a few different genres and found that trance tends to be the best for me to run to. I run to the beat of my music. In the past, I’ve tried to run to a playlist of fast, upbeat songs, which probably contributed to my need for speed. I’m hoping that by choosing songs with a strong but slower beat, I’ll be able to start slowing down.

    Good luck on your tri goal too!! Have you looked into adult swim classes? I know a lot of the gyms and the college up here offer adult lessons- maybe something to look into?

  3. Kristen says:

    OMG Becca! I have the same running shoes….but mine are in pink :)

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