Pretty Purple Flowers

Flowers are my favorite thing to shoot and fortunately for me, I have a friend who puts in an awesome garden each year.  My camera tends to over-blow reds, which means that some purples don’t come out very accurately either.  Eventually, I’d like to work on getting my camera to correctly capture reds, but there were just too many other flowers to shoot!

The colors in this fuchsia actually came out pretty close- from the deep pink of the upper petals to the rich purple below, I was pretty happy with how my camera captured them!

It did struggle a bit with this geranium, which is a bit washed out.

I loved the surprise center of this blue-eyed daisy!

And my favorite, the clematis.  All the clematises (clemati?) we had around the house when I was growing up were white, and while they were gorgeous flowers, I think I’m partial to this deep indigo one, with its deep eggplant stamen and creamy center!

I also found a gazing ball in the garden so here’s a gratuitous picture of me!

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