Tiny Frogs

We have several frogs at our house- from the big bullfrogs I can hear, but never see to those bright green tree frogs that stick to the side of the house.  Here’s one of those tree frogs:

Seriously, how cute is he?! He’s sitting on the tip of my finger!  I was hoping to get him to jump, but he seemed content to just sit around.

Kinda like this little brown guy I found hiding in a bush by our deck:

He was pretty small too (though not as tiny as that green guy), but he was more skiddish- I only got one good shot of him before he hopped out of frame (and no, I didn’t catch him mid-jump either :(), but I like how he’s trying to hide among the leaves and blend in with the deck, but the sunlight (and my camera and I) still managed to find him!

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