In Which I Get Distracted…

My goal for this weekend was to repaint our bedroom.  Which is how I found myself here:

Yup, that’s our ceiling fan in pieces on the bedroom floor!

See, after I finished patching all the little holes, I noticed how dusty the fan was and I had been meaning to clean it for a while.  Unfortunately, the vacuum didn’t quite reach, so I did the next logical thing: I brought the fan to the vacuum.

…and then I decided I wasn’t really a fan of the antique bronze color, so I disassembled it and spray painted it.

I used to stand the screws up in Styrofoam, but it tends to melt when I spray it, plus I didn’t have any on hand.  So I made little slits in a cereal box and stuck the screws in.  The box held the screws perfectly in place and gave me easy access to the surfaces I wanted to cover.

Unfortunately, it was a bit windy out and I managed to nail my rings, which I hadn’t taken off.  Fortunately, the paint scraped off easily.  Oops!

Spray paint on skin makes for fun pictures!

Here’s the completed fan:

Still not perfect, but a little bit more acceptable, and WAY cheaper than just replacing it.  And now I can finish start painting the bedroom!

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