Super Close-Ups of Spices!

A few months ago, I came across this article from Adorama about how to shoot super close-ups of snowflakes by reverse-mounting your lens.  We don’t have any snow, so I used the next best thing: spices.  Ok, maybe not the next best thing, but it’s what I had, and I’ve always kinda wondered what they looked like close-up!

I started with something common- Poppy Seeds:

I never knew how divot-y poppy seeds were! I always assumed they were smooth!

Another surprise was Thyme, which was also divot-y:

Next I picked common Table Salt, which was nice and cube-y, just like science class taught me!

Caraway and Cumin look quite similar, to me at least, so I wanted to know how the compared up close.  Here’s Caraway:

and Cumin:

They are different! Crazy!!

I tried another long, thin spice- Rosemary:

Some of the spices I had were big enough that I could shoot them with the macro.  Here’s Whole Allspice:

Whole Cloves:

And my favorite, Whole Cinnamon:

Have you ever experimented with reverse-mounting a lens?  Did you even know it could be done?  I want to know about your experiences!

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3 Responses to Super Close-Ups of Spices!

  1. Terri Orchard says:

    So very interesting. I never thought this deep into spices, but these pics are very cool! Thanks for sharing Becca!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Seriously, you should incorporate the poppy seed pic into a birthday card for Gma P. She loves poppy seed birthday cake, so she’d get a kick out of the picture.

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