I don’t know if it’s the heatwave we’ve been having or the fact that my raspberry plant has been putting out berries for a while now and is simply running out, but I got less than a cup when I went picking today, so recipes will have to wait.  Instead, I found some bugs for the macro lens to play with!

Meet Inchy, the inchworm!

And yes, he’s a purple-ish red color, probably because he’s been eating my raspberries!

I love the way inchworms move- stretching out super far…

…and then, well, inching up!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get cuter, I found this little guy!

Based on the size of the raspberry, he’s MAYBE 1/4″ long, if he stretches!

Close up, inchworms look kinda like messed up brontosauruses!  I love his little back feet though- seriously, how cute are they!?

But, cute as he is, bugs can’t stay in our house, so goodbye little inchworm :(

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