Raspberry Season

I love fresh raspberries.  And they taste even better when they are free!  Here’s what the patch looked like when we moved into our house- raspberry plants starting at the back corner of the house and wrapping around to the front:

At their peak, I was getting easily 3-4 cups of raspberries every 2-3 days.  It was insane!

(for reference, the circular bowl holds 3 cups and the rectangle dish holds 4 cups.)

It got to the point where I would just go out and only pick the raspberries that were readily visible because there are only so many things you can make (and eat) with raspberries, and I was running out of freezer bags!

This year, I tried to thin out the raspberry thicket by giving plants to friends and family.  Unfortunately, it’s been unseasonably hot out up here so most of the transplanted ones didn’t make it (though the established ones in that main thicket are thriving and spreading like crazy!).  I had transplanted a few stalks in early spring, which gave them enough time to get their roots started, but not enough to produce good berries.

The berries in the middle are from the established thicket and are about the size I usually get; the ones on the right came from the transplanted plants.  They taste fine, but because they are so tiny, there’s not much room for flesh on them, so they are rather seedy.  Those honkers on the end all came from one plant in the established thicket that has a tendency to produce twin raspberries!  Almost all the raspberries I’ve gotten from that plant so far have been almost double the regular size!

These raspberries are an ever-bearing variety called Heritage.  That means that unless I cut them down when they are done producing (most likely at the end of the July/beginning of August), they’ll produce again in October or so (last year they only made it a few days before the frost hit).

With a thinned out patch and this heat wave, I’m currently only getting about 2 cups of raspberries every 3-4 days.  Which is still more than I know what to do with at times.  Another batch should be ready for picking in the next couple days, and when it is, I’ll share some of my go-to raspberry recipes!

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